{"PubDate":"20180518","PubTime":"15:24:17","ReleaseID":"2349851","DLU":"20180518 15:21:36","#text":"\n","Title":"pdvWireless Announces Rob Schwartz as President and Chief Operating Officer ","Date":"5\/18\/2018 10:15:00 AM","ReleaseText":"

WOODLAND  PARK, NJ \u2013 May 16, 2018 \u2013 pdvWireless, Inc. (PDV) announced the promotion of  Rob Schwartz to the position of president and COO. In these capacities,  Schwartz will provide company-wide leadership, management and vision, and will  be responsible for the alignment and prioritization of company investments and  ensuring operational excellence. <\/p>

\"Since  joining our team in 2015, Rob has employed a laser-focused, forward-thinking  approach, helping to drive the growth of our business and consistently  delivering superior results,\" said Morgan O'Brien, CEO of pdvWireless. \"I have  known Rob for many years, starting with his involvement in the early days of  Nextel, and I have tremendous confidence in his ability and leadership as COO  and president.\"
With  extensive management experience spanning nearly three decades, Schwartz has led  cross-functional teams in various areas, including strategy, capital markets,  investor relations and M&A activities. Schwartz's elevated role will allow  him to lead the strategy and operational best practices that will bring  pdvWireless's vision to life.  <\/p>

\"PDV's  business opportunities have never been more compelling,\" Schwartz said. \"We see  accelerating demand for private LTE networks for mission-critical entities and  are well positioned to address these needs. I am honored to help lead the  company through this next phase of innovation and growth and am eager to help  further the company's success in private broadband networks.\" <\/p>

Prior to  joining PDV, Schwartz was CEO of STI Brasil, a company focused on developing  shared fiber infrastructure for wireless operators in Brazil. Prior to that, he  was Managing Director of Unison Site Management and a Managing Partner of  Woodmont Partners LLC, a strategic consultancy to telecom, media and technology  companies. Schwartz also has served as Executive Vice President of IDT Telecom.  Prior to IDT, he was Director of Corporate Development of Nextel and assisted  in the development and execution of Nextel's revolutionary roll-up strategy. Schwartz earned an MBA from the Wharton School and a bachelor's  of Business Administration from George Washington University's School of  Government and Business.<\/p>

About pdvWireless, Inc.<\/b><\/p>

pdvWireless, Inc. (NASDAQ:  PDVW), is focused on utilizing its spectrum assets to develop and offer next  generation private network and mobile communication solutions to critical  infrastructure and enterprise customers.   It is the largest holder of licensed nationwide spectrum in the 900 MHz  band in the United States and is pursuing a regulatory process that seeks to  modernize a portion of the 900 MHz band to accommodate the future deployment of  broadband technologies and services.  pdvWireless  operates private push-to-talk (\"PTT\") networks in major markets throughout the  United States and, by combining its PTT services with its patented and  industry-validated SaaS technology, is improving team communication and field  documentation across a wide array of industries, including transportation,  distribution, construction, hospitality, waste management and field service.  pdvWireless' mobile workforce applications increase the productivity of  field-based workers and the efficiency of their dispatch and call center  operations.  pdvWireless' Chairman, Brian  McAuley, and CEO, Morgan O'Brien, were the co-founders of Nextel Communications  and have over 60 years of combined experience in two-way radio operations and  successfully developing regulatory driven spectrum initiatives to address the  unmet wireless communications needs of businesses. pdvWireless is headquartered  in Woodland Park, New Jersey.<\/p>

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