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What is TeamConnect ?

What is TeamConnect?

TeamConnect is an easy-to-use workforce management solution that not only tracks mobile workers via GPS, but allows them to quickly capture and send field activities and worker status with voice details back to the office. Eliminate wasted time, waiting on hold and filling out illegible forms; reduce fuel costs; and minimize calls to the office.

Product Overview

Through our custom-designed application, dispatch-centric organizations can:

  • Automatically track the status of field workers in real-time with GPS and Geofence capabilities.
  • Effectively capture and store critical field data, and generate customized productivity reports.
  • Report issues or job status from a Motorola MOTOTRBO device without interrupting office staff or wasting productive time and fuel waiting on hold to speak to the office.
  • Communicate safely and more efficiently with outbound text messages to mobile workers and receive recorded push-to-talk voice replies back to the office, thus eliminating needless back-and-forth calls between the office and mobile workforce.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the enhanced security of a private, push-to-talk network, while utilizing proven durable and long-lasting two-way radio products from Motorola.
Discover how TeamConnect will enhance your overall productivity and improve your company’s bottom line.

Important Details are a Click Away

important-details-graphicSend information about issues or status back to the office using your TeamConnect two-way radio device.  You can send voice descriptions, customized subject lines, mobile forms and time card data, all with the tap of an icon.

Prioritize at a Glance

View recognizable subjects via our secure web portal for easy prioritization. Send text messages to mobile workers, allowing them to read and send voice replies when it is safe and legal. Easily archive all messages in your company’s CRM system for review at a later date.


  • Provide automatic proof of performance when drivers enter and exit the geofence and reduce return trips to customers.
  • Automatic alerts let you know when workers arrive or depart a site without the need to call the office.
  • Help keep your team accountable and your valuable assets safe.

Import addresses to create your geofences quickly – View geofence activity on a map, dashboard or export to a CSV file.

GPS Location Tracking and Reports

  • Review route data to find ways to reduce overtime and improve route efficiency.
  • Get prompt answers to questions while in the field.
  • Dispatch workers faster to critical jobs.
  • Stay in control of mobile workers’ daily activities, location/route tracking and performance.

View routes, current locations, closest worker to an address – Plus, send text messages to mobile workers directly from the map view.

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Discover how your company can leverage our new, revolutionary digital two-way radio technology to communicate faster and more efficiently, to connect employees seamlessly and to convey critical information more reliably.  Just fill out the short form to see TeamConnect in action.