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DispatchPlus to TeamConnect

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DispatchPlus is now TeamConnect

For industry-leaders, DispatchPlus has played an integral role in streamlining communication among management, workers, and mobile fleets. Today, DispatchPlus has been redefined as TeamConnect, offering the same push-to-talk capabilities, backed by communication features, management, safety, and security. Offering so much more than just dispatch, TeamConnect supports owners and managers in every industry!


pdvWireless has long been associated with innovative communication technologies. Through DispatchPlus, a push-to-talk service backed by integrated features, pdvWireless has established itself as a leader in workforce management solutions.

In today’s changing economy businesses must remain ahead of the growing challenges they face. To support in these efforts, pdvWireless is evolving to create more refined solutions with increasingly versatile applications for any industry.

Seamless Integration for Optimal Efficiency

Complementing the workflow of your day-to-day, TeamConnect works for you. Easily integrated into your already-established operations, this all-in-1 mobile workforce management tool offers features that support every member of your team. Whether sitting at a desktop computer in the office, working from a smartphone at home, or operating on a radio in the field, your entire team can remain connected.



Instant Voice Communication
- No Wait!

Reach individuals and teams with one button, push-to-talk communications that are reliable, instant and secure.
Avoid delays and connect fast.



GPS Workforce Tracking
- More Jobs!

Never wonder where your teams are again. With GPS tracking you know where they’ve been, where they are, and who is closest to the job that just came across your desk.



Instant Updates
- Less Paperwork!

Reduce inbound calls and eliminate time consuming paperwork with one-button updates such as clock in/out and job complete. Improve efficiency and reduce costs.


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