pdvWireless TeamConnect

Metro Coverage

Utilizing the largest, private push-to-talk, two-way radio network in the U.S., pdvWireless is dedicated to transforming the way mobile businesses communicate with their workforce.

Need to reach your drivers off campus? No problem. Want to speak with your managers using radios or smartphones? We've got you covered!


How does a private two-way radio network benefit your business?

A private two-way radio network is a secure and reliable way for you to connect with your employees every day. Now you can reach your workers on campus, back at the plant, en-route to job sites and delivery destinations or anywhere in between. TeamConnectSM operates on Motorola TRBO radios offering reliable and secure voice communications, GPS worker location updates and a full suite of management reports.

Where is Service Available?

TeamConnect currently operates on Motorola TRBO two-way radios in 7 major metropolitan markets. We also offer services on any smart device - tablet or smartphone; expanding coverage throughout the entire US.

How will I use wide-area coverage during my daily routine?

Wide-area network coverage is convenient because it allows you to communicate while in transit to multiple locations throughout your day. The talk, locate and manage features work on radios and smart devices. When connected to the network - your team will always be in sight. And of course - with smart devices - your coverage is national!