pdvWireless TeamConnect

Transportation and distribution companies rely on fast, group-wide communications to convey critical information to drivers. From enhancing driver safety to coordinating service calls and deliveries, TeamConnectSM from pdvWireless keeps you connected to real-time information...resulting in a more compliant, competitive, and productive operation.

Stay connected to drivers with real-time information

  • One-touch group-wide push-to-talk with multiple talk groups
  • Quickly respond to weather conditions, route changes, vehicle status and more that impact service and response time
  • DOT-compliant solution with enhanced push-to-talk features reduces driver distraction and minimizes operational liability
  • Eliminate calls to dispatch and keep drivers focused on the road with one-touch push-to-talk voice replies, status updates and more

Get more visibility to maximize resources and ROI

  • Coordinate last minute changes in shipments, unscheduled pick-ups and unexpected delays with GPS tools and color-coded maps that help to optimize resources and minimize fuel costs
  • Streamline back-and-forth calls with one-touch status updates
  • Capture and store critical field data and generate customized productivity reports

What our customers are saying...

"Delivering food on time is critical for our business and our clients, so every second counts. Trying to conduct business via individual texts and phone calls with two dozen guys weaving through traffic on bikes was becoming impossible. From day one, everyone was blown away by the radios and TeamConnect."

SNAP! Courier, LLC, Chicago, Tyler Worrell, Co-owner

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