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Inefficiency Has Seen Its Final Trip with DispatchPlus

Hello Efficient Routes. Goodbye Costly Disputes.

Maximize your drivers’ time and eliminate unnecessary miscommunication with DispatchPlus. GPS tracking and Geofencing help you and your medical personnel up productivity while minimizing costs.

  • Want to know when your team arrives at a customer location? When they leave? Easy.
  • Want to track employee remote clock-in/clock-out? Simple.
  • Want to have verifiable proof when your customers and employees disagree? Done.

WHY CHOOSE DispatchPlus?

Receive instant traffic updates from dispatchers. Avoid high traffic areas and find the quickest routes

DOT compliant push-to-talk solutions minimize driver distraction and enable instant one-touch communication

Robust GPS and Geofence capabilities help track worker productivity and efficiency, offering detailed travel routes and arrival and departure times

Expert Testimonials

"At the speed at which our business operates, we needed something that would provide instant communication with the touch of a single button, not multiple swipes or hunting for the right app to launch. Tablets weren’t practical if we needed to instantly re-route buses due to traffic congestion or emergencies or if drivers needed to let clients know they were delayed. Since switching to pdvWIRELESS and Motorola two-way push-to-talk radios, our drivers can now communicate with dispatchers and clients in real-time legally and safely while buses are in motion, simply by pressing one button. This saves them the trouble of scrolling through a contacts list or pulling over to stop the vehicle and make a call, making them more efficient – and safer behind the wheel.”
-Aries Charter, Chicago - Anthony George

Simple Geofencing

Further increase communication with Geofencing. DispatchPlus allows you to create Geofences with alerts around any location. Get a heads-up on when your medical vehicle approaches or leaves a location to keep your customers informed.

Easy Automation And Reporting

GPS tracking allows you to see if your drivers have taken the most direct route, while GPS stamps provide proof of patient departure or arrival. When clients call with a complaint, use DispatchPlus’s GPS features to resolve any miscommunication.

What DispatchPlus Does For You

Reduce Costs

  • Driver Distraction Risks & Liabilities
  • Insurance
  • Overtime & Fuel Costs
  • Customer Writeoffs

Improve Efficiency

  • Reduce Unnecessary Calls into Office
  • Locate & Dispatch Nearest Mobile Worker
  • Proof of Activity Status and Completions
  • Improved Customer Response

Increase Revenue

  • Add One or More Jobs per Day
  • Increase Sales Leads from Mobile Workers
  • Increase R.O.I.
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