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Use Our Accountability Features to Stay on Track

Build Projects, Not Unnecessary Costs

From productivity reports to GPS time stamps, DispatchPlus integrates accountability into your construction company. When worker accountability increases, your revenue has a chance to grow.

  • Want to know when your team arrives at a customer location? When they leave? Easy.
  • Want to track employee remote clock-in/clock-out? Simple.
  • Want to have verifiable proof when your customers and employees disagree? Done.

WHY CHOOSE DispatchPlus?

Stop time-card padding with GPS stamped in/out documentation to save time and reduce fuel costs

Communicate clearly in harsh environments with enhanced audio and noise-canceling technology

Expedite onsite change orders by sending real time alert notifications that ensure workers stay on schedule

Expert Testimonials

"We have 90 minutes tops to deliver cement to a customer, or else it gets dumped into a waste pile and we absorb the cost. Reliable communications is essential to our bottom line.” Gerry recently began using the DispatchPlus workforce management solution combined with MOTOTRBO radios to address a variety of issues. “I no longer have to worry about my drivers using cell phones when they’re behind the wheel. I’m able to connect with them 100% of the time, calls don’t get dropped, and the batteries don’t die. Even better, our delivery time has improved”
-Gerry Brice, Owner - National Materials, Baltimore, MD

Simple Geofencing

Employ Geofencing to create another tier of accountability. Create a Geofence to receive notifications that alert you when workers go off-site, helping you keep projects on track.

Easy Automation And Reporting

Both GPS and Geofencing features provide data that reveals how productive your employees are. Combine all field data to run productivity reports, customized for your construction company’s needs.

What DispatchPlus Does For You

Reduce Costs

  • Driver Distraction Risks & Liabilities
  • Insurance
  • Overtime & Fuel Costs
  • Customer Writeoffs

Improve Efficiency

  • Reduce Unnecessary Calls into Office
  • Locate & Dispatch Nearest Mobile Worker
  • Proof of Activity Status and Completions
  • Improved Customer Response

Increase Revenue

  • Add One or More Jobs per Day
  • Increase Sales Leads from Mobile Workers
  • Increase R.O.I.
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