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Communication can make all the difference


Keeping traveling students safe is paramount, which is exactly where DispatchPlus excels. Ensure your bus drivers are equipped with the tools they need to stay distraction-free and focused on the road.

WHY CHOOSE DispatchPlus?

DOT compliant push-to-talk solutions minimize driver distraction and enable instant one-touch communication

Significantly improve security by allowing administrators to locate students, staff, and school buses in real-time with location-based technologies and powerful digital two-way radio system

Service verification captures time at bus stop, pick up & drop off time and location, and alerts regarding route exceptions

Safer Students. Better Tracking.

  • Want to know if a child is not at their bus stop? EASY.
  • Want to see if a bus will be late because of an unexpected detour or accident? SIMPLE.
  • Want to ensure your drivers are doing a final check for students when they park their bus for the night? DONE.

Expert Testimonials

"Now, every vehicle in our Houston-area fleet is equipped with a Motorola two-way radio system, which makes it easy for dispatchers and drivers to safely communicate in real time. The clarity is outstanding and it's added an extra layer of security for our students”
- Gold Star Transit, Houston, Kirk Wilkie, Vice President

Bus Stop Tracking and Automation

Not only is DispatchPlus effective at keeping bus drivers focused on the road, but it's also a dominant force in connecting drivers with school administrators. In one touch, bus drivers can create and send an audio message documenting that a student is not at their stop. When worried parents call in, the information about that student is immediately available to the administrator answering the phone.

Fast, 1-Touch Simplicity

When the team can quickly leave an audio message with incredible detail, it makes documentation easy. Pair that with time, date, and GPS stamps and you have an efficiency powerhouse.

Easy Automation And Reporting

Understanding how your business operates is paramount, and DispatchPlus from pdvWIRELESS provides immediate alerts and robust historical data. Stop guessing, and start knowing how your workforce is performing.

What DispatchPlus Does For You

Reduce Costs

  • Driver Distraction Risks & Liabilities
  • Insurance
  • Overtime & Fuel Costs
  • Customer Writeoffs

Improve Efficiency

  • Reduce Unnecessary Calls into Office
  • Locate & Dispatch Nearest Mobile Worker
  • Proof of Activity Status and Completions
  • Improved Customer Response

Increase Revenue

  • Add One or More Jobs per Day
  • Increase Sales Leads from Mobile Workers
  • Increase R.O.I.
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