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Fleet Management Solutions to Increase Driver Productivity

When managing your company's fleet management solutions, finding fair and achievable ways to increase productivity is crucial. While wireless fleet management, automation, and fuel prices are pressing on company profits, there are ways to help your team make the most of every drive and load. Through the wireless fleet management solutions of TeamConnect, your management team can make the most informed and intelligent decisions, all backed and tracked by data. This means a more successful operation, day in and day out.

Employee Job Tracking Made Seamless with TeamConnect

Because TeamConnect works on both smartphones and two-way radios, management and drivers can use the same software, making productivity management as seamless as possible. The TeamConnect fleet management app is designed to increase the productivity of your workforce in more ways than one:

Track the Daily Location of Your Team In addition to real-time location updates on a color-coded map, managers can view a daily log of where employees have been and when stops were made. If jobs need to be rerouted or updated, knowing who is closest to the emergency helps efficiently relocate employees.

Instantly Connect with an Entire Group Working across different carriers, TeamConnect allows radios and smart devices to communicate with each other, making group communication seamless and efficient. For companies with drivers on two-way radios and management on cell phones, TeamConnect serves as a time-saving solution, fulfilling the needs of every team member while keeping them instantly connected.

Automate Reporting for Accuracy and Efficiency By automating status updates, your fleet, dispatch, and management teams can be quickly informed of any situation that may affect operation. From a traffic jam on the daily route to a locked gate that prohibits needed entrance, reports and status updates can be logged for future reference. This can help manage travel expectations, keep customers informed of status, and mitigate future disputes that may arise.

Track Arrival, Departure, and Brake Times Geofence time tracking tags eliminate the need for manual time-stamping, helping to save time and eliminate discrepancies. Accountability helps employees stay on track on their own, and being able to provide data about late arrivals or early departures helps eliminate problems down the road.

One-Touch Wireless Communication for Reduced Inefficiency

The fleet management solutions of TeamConnect improve efficiency for both managers and drivers by making communication seamless and efficient. Drivers know they can communicate with dispatch or management at the push of a button, and vice versa. This makes relaying integral messages as seamless as possible, helping to promote overall productivity while reducing wasted resources.For more information about how TeamConnect fleet management solutions can benefit your business's productivity, contact us today or request a demonstration.