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Reducing driver distractions was the number #1 reason why Theresa Springer, General Manager of First Transit chose DispatchPlus.

First Transit in Lake County, part of the international First Group Corporation which includes First Transit and Greyhound, provides paratransit transportation for clients throughout the Chicago metro area. Reliable and clear communications with drivers and clients is a necessity, particularly during inclement weather and the notoriously congested Chicago traffic. But the system they were using was susceptible to noise interference and interruptions. They turned to Chicago Communications who recommended pdvWireless and DispatchPlus.

Along with superior coverage, keeping customers safe by reducing driver distractions was at the top of their list of requirements. “When we replaced our voice communications system with two-way push-to-talk radios, we spent considerable time with pdvWireless and Chicago Communications, designing the system and training our employees to make sure driver distractions would be at an absolute minimum,” said Theresa Springer, General Manager for First Transit. “From day one we were very impressed with the voice clarity and range. Our drivers argued over who could use the demo radios on a given day! Now, dispatch and drivers can communicate quickly, clearly and safely 100 percent of the time with an easy-to-use system.”