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Charter bus operations are run on efficiency and strategic communication efforts. For Ben of Durham Charter Services -
DispatchPlus was the solution he needed for his 84-bus operation including 60 school buses.

From private school routes to interstate operations – Ben was looking for a unified solution that connected his entire team. “Complete visibility so that I can see all of my buses at the same time is crucial in managing my customer flow. For example, 22 buses could be waiting at AT&T Stadium when a game ends and I could have as many as 6,000 customers or bus riders. With a high traffic area surrounding the stadium – I know exactly which driver is there, when their bus is full, and when they exit the grounds.”


Voice alerts have managed and improved the safety of his 60 school buses. With this feature – a bus driver can use their radio to send an urgent alert like ‘Child Not at Stop’ to let Ben’s management team know of the critical message in real time and necessary action can be taken immediately.

“Not only does DispatchPlus allow myself (Ben) and a driver who is 35 miles away communicate as if we were in the same room, but it also allows that driver to feel safe knowing that I know where he/she is and what he/she are doing at all times especially in the case of an emergency.” The drivers and management know they are only one button away from instant communication!

How did DispatchPlus help?

Ben uses the application on his smart phone while at his home at night. Bus operations continue past normal business hours and Ben listens for any emergencies to come through his app. When an urgent situation arises – he is instantly connected with his driver who voiced the concern.

Ben’s bus drivers bring students to and from afterschool sports activities. When a coach wants to take his players out to dinner to celebrate a win – the bus driver uses his push-to-talk application to let Ben know that they will be making a detour.

When not transporting students – Durham Charter also picks up and drops off customers at large sporting events. In these cases, Ben can organize groups of nearly 6,000 by watching the action take place on his map and he can seamlessly deploy more buses if a call comes through that they are needed.