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As portable communication devices have become a necessary tool for truck drivers, field workers, and fleet drivers, their suitability for use on the road has come into question. Despite strict DOT regulations for commercial drivers, it is crucial that they remain in contact with dispatchers so that they can convey information that is critical to the success of operations. With our DOT-compliant communication systems, TeamConnect closes the gap between driver safety, meeting federal regulations, and maintaining optimal communication.

Meeting DOT Regulations for Driver Safety 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving claims thousands of lives in the United States every year. This is a scary fact for all drivers, especially commercial drivers who must remain connected to administration or dispatch always. For these drivers, the Department of Transportation enforces strict regulations, prohibiting the use of non-compliant devices. Creating what is an efficiency powerhouse for your operations, TeamConnect is a DOT-compliant solution designed for optimal performance and the security of your drivers.

TeamConnect Push-to-Talk Keeps Drivers Secure

When communication with drivers is necessary, you need a solution which will provide the capability you need without landing your drivers and business in trouble. This is the solution that TeamConnect offers, providing businesses with full compliance that is backed by features that keep your workforce operating at full efficiency:

Automated Alerts - Our communication and workforce management system prioritizes safety. With DispatchPlus, drivers can program automated alerts, able to be sent at the push of a button. That means a driver can alert dispatch of any event—from a student that wasn’t at the bus stop to a customer that wasn’t home during their appointment time.

One-Touch Simplicity - Our two-way radios allow drivers to communicate efficiently and safely. Not only is distracted driving dangerous to your drivers and others on the road, but the penalties range from expensive fines to lawsuits. Avoid the potential for these costs with DOT-compliant in-vehicle communication devices, which allow fleet drivers to communicate with dispatch at the singular touch of a button.

GPS Locator - The GPS locator means you can track your fleet on a map without the driver having to maintain use of the device while driving. This allows dispatch to track and communicate delays to your customers quickly, helping to eliminate disputes, while keeping your drive secure on the road.

Demo the TeamConnect Push-to-Talk System Today

Are you ready to solve your communication problems and acquire a DOT-compliant communication system for your fleet? TeamConnect is here to help. Contact us today to request a demonstration of our system and to experience first-hand how our DOT-compliant radios can secure the safety of your team.Browse our selection ofin-vehicle two-way radios to begin your journey towards safer, more efficient driver communications. You may also contact us to learn more about the features of TeamConnect.