android_heldIn 2004, the founders of pdvWireless developed an application that gave construction workers a huge boost to their efficiency by allowing them to use their push-to-talk mobile phones to send a recorded message to the office. Since then, pdvWireless’ solutions have grown to include optional photos, GPS-based location and administrative management tools used by several different verticals. This progress was due to the visionary leadership and ingenuity of the team.

Senior management has a proven track record of developing enterprise solutions over wireless networks and significant experience in developing and launching push-to-talk networks and applications; the executive team founded and helped to develop two highly successful mobile communications companies including Nextel Communications. pdvWireless’ Chairman, Brian McAuley, was co-founder and long-time Chief Executive Officer of Nextel. Mr. McAuley also founded NeoWorld Communications and served as its President and CEO until he sold the company in 2003 and became involved in pdvWireless. John Pescatore, pdvWireless’ President and Chief Executive Officer held several senior executive positions at Nextel, including corporate Vice President of Operations and President of the New York region.