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pdvWireless is building and supporting a state of the art, private push-to-talk network in major U.S. markets dedicated solely to dispatch centric businesses. This network will provide business customers with a true push-to-talk (PTT) user experience that has been missing in the marketplace for several years. This PTT network will minimize call set-up time, eliminate telephone tag and voicemail backlog. Utilization of this network will allow businesses to achieve operational efficiencies while reducing their costs of telecommunications.

During 2014, pdvWireless achieved a number of corporate milestones including but not limited to:

  • Raising more than $218 million in equity funding in a private placement with institutional investors.
  • Acquired Sprint Corporation’s nationwide 900 MHz spectrum licenses.
  • Assembling a management team of proven telecommunications industry veterans whose singular focus is building the nation’s most business-centric, value-oriented wireless communications solutions provider.
  • Filing a petition with the FCC requesting the re-alignment of the 900 MHz band to create spectrum capable of serving the broadband needs of utilities, energy companies, transportation providers and other business enterprises as well as ensuring priority access for utilities and other critical infrastructure companies.

pdvWireless’ business focus will provide true differentiation in telecommunications as it eliminates the need to concentrate on retail consumers. This heightened level of business focus will allow pdvWireless to deliver Industry centric knowledge and solutions to its business customers. Combining the strong telecommunications industry knowledge of the Senior Leadership team with core vertical knowledge of the Sales Leadership will allow pdvWireless to deliver a unique value proposition to its user base.


DispatchPlus will be supporting a next generation PTT solution utilizing state of the art digital two-way radio technology integrated with proprietary cloud-based mobile resource management solutions. This DispatchPlus offering will combine the efficiencies of a digital network with the value of a cloud based work order management solution. This solution, including intelligent call prioritization, worker tracking, status mapping and other workforce management capabilities will provide business customers substantial benefits and cost savings including improved workforce productivity and increased operational efficiencies.

Businesses in the markets where pdvWireless will be providing service will be able to reduce their telecommunications expenditures while providing superior customer service to their clientele. In the long term, pdvWireless will provide added value to the small business marketplace by providing solutions focused on meeting all their wireless telecommunications needs in the most cost effective manner possible.


pdvWireless is a recognized innovator in developing mobile workforce communications and management solutions. The company will continue to provide advanced voice & photo documentation along with GPS tracking and cloud-based management tools that increase profitability and workforce efficiency under the pdvConnect product offering. pdvConnect technology is utilized at a wide variety of enterprises in the United States and Mexico, ranging from national deployments at Fortune 500 companies to local deployments by other businesses and governmental agencies.

Our solutions allow service-driven industries to document and communicate critical information using their voice, photos and GPS-based location as well as wireless forms with signature capabilities. pdvConnect customers are realizing the advantages of improved communications between the workers in the field and the office. Just a few examples of how our products help our customers include:

  • Waste/Recycling—drivers use voice and photos along with GPS location stamps to document blocked access, overloaded containers or proof of service. This helps mitigate customer complaints and justifies additional service resulting in increased billable & collectable revenue.
  • Cable/Utilities—workers spend less time waiting on hold, and make fewer calls to conduct routine business with dispatchers. This helps both teams reach company goals for faster customer call handling and issue resolution.
  • Field Service/Distribution—Instead of handling multiple phone calls, the office staff can prioritize incoming issues by scanning the messages from the cloud-based management system. This allows team to office administration ratios can remain high because of the increased efficiency. Drivers can Voice & Photo document pre-existing conditions, broken shipments or customer refusals without wasting valuable time & fuel while waiting on-hold to speak with the office.