The Benefits of Push-to-Talk

  • Reliable communication with the touch of a button to document job status, solve field issues, and reach employees in an instant
  • Ensure workers stay on schedule with GPS tracking tools
  • Improve customer service with real-time delivery or service verification
  • Save time and money by dispatching the closest worker for quick arrival times


  • Fast, One-Touch Simplicity

    When the team can quickly leave an audio message with incredible detail, it makes documentation easy. Pair that with time, date, and GPS stamps, and you have an efficiency powerhouse.

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  • DispatchPlus for Smartphones

    Whether your entire fleet has two-way radios or communicates via their smartphone, DispatchPlus allows every member of your team to connect instantly and effectively on any device, to any device, at any time. Access worker locations, get alerts, and communicate with the team all with our intuitive app.

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“It’s now easier than ever for dispatchers and volunteers to safely communicate in real time with each other. The clarity is outstanding, and there are no dropped calls or interference. Plus, the added benefit of GPS tracking is helping us create more efficient routes and reduce response time.”

-United Rescue / Jersey City Medical Center, NJ

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