Smart Device & Radio

The Benefits of Smart Device & Radio Use

  • Use radio and smart device interchangeably
  • Speak on any device with any carrier
  • Allow your employees to bring their own devices or use Motorola rugged radios


Phone to Radios

Does your entire workforce need to communicate via two-way radios due to DOT compliance?

No problem.

Our DispatchPlus for Smartphone app allows you to communicate with your workforces’ radios with one-touch simplicity AND receive messages from driver radios with the same push-to-talk technology. Let your drivers stay safe and communicate effectively with DispatchPlus.

Phone to Phones & Radios

When half of your workforce communicates via two-way radios and half uses their mobile device, keeping everyone on the same page can be difficult.

Not with DispatchPlus.

Our technology allows you to communicate to any device, from any device, at any time. Not only can your mobile device connect to other users with the app, but also to any member of your team using our Motorola two-way radios.

Phone to Phones

Need to keep track of your workforce and communicate instantly?

We’ve made it simple.

With DispatchPlus for Smartphones, you can instantly communicate with your employees who bring their own device to work. Get prompt answers to questions while in the field and eliminate unproductive back and forth calls.

  • Workforce Tracking & Automation

    Send, receive, and store crucial audio messages, track worker location with GPS tracking, and collect time and date information. With DispatchPlus, your workforce can maintain ultimate efficiency.

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  • DispatchPlus for Smartphones

    Unite every member of your team, whether they’re utilizing a smartphone or two-way radio. DispatchPlus enables your entire fleet to connect instantaneously from any device to any device. At a moment’s notice, you have the ability to receive alerts, be notified of worker location, and communicate vital messages.

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