Instant Status Updates

The Benefits of Instant Status Updates

  • ‘Closest Worker Identification’ allows you to dispatch the vehicle that is closest to a customer’s location, meaning timely deliveries and heightened customer satisfaction
  • Listen to location-stamped messages and respond with a text message to manage events and track worker location
  • Communicate with workers in the field safely and more efficiently
  • Quickly identify service issues for immediate customer follow up


  • Fast, One-Touch Simplicity

    Send and receive comprehensive audio messages, track GPS location, and accurately stamp time and date via one simple touch.

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  • DispatchPlus for Smartphones

    DispatchPlus allows every member of your team, whether they operate on a smartphone or two-way radio, to communicate instantly and effectively.

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Closest Worker Identification

Does your towing company constantly lose out to competition due to an inability to get a job done quickly? With instant worker identification, you can view where all of your drivers are and receive instant, compliant messages from all drivers so you can dispatch workers faster and increase profits.

Update Customers on Deliveries

Is your workforce delivering time-sensitive materials? DispatchPlus allows your workforce to send instant status updates that also automatically send location and time details to dispatch. You can now notify your customers in real-time of delivery status updates straight from the driver’s mouth.

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