Improving Efficiency Within Your Company by Using Geofences

Benefits-of-GPS-Technology-GeofencesWith geofence tools and GPS systems, you can greatly increase the efficiency of off-location management within your company. By utilizing GPS and other radio frequency identification (RFID) features, geofence technology creates virtual barriers to define geographical boundaries.

But what does all of this mean?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of 24 satellites that orbit the earth and make it possible for ground receivers to pinpoint specific geographic locations. A geofence is a virtual parameter used to locate and track anyone carrying a location-aware device, such as a two-way radio or cellular phone. Geofencing allows for an individual, such as the owner of a construction company, to closely monitor his employees by asking them to carry a GPS compatible device while working within pre-defined borders. This will allow for that individual to oversee multiple jobs at once or simply ensure that one job is completed as safely and efficiently as possible, without overlapping another project.

Tools such as DispatchPlus will allow you to obtain a cloud-based workforce management solution that will unlock many features that perfectly compliment dispatch-centric operations going on within your workplace. Simply combine your geofence software with rugged MOTOTRBO radios and you will see reduced costs for your operations, higher revenue and increased productivity.

How it Benefits Your Company:

Three primary benefits are to be had when using geofence programming. These are as follows:

Reduced Costs: With less driver distraction, your company’s risk and liabilities will decrease significantly. Additionally, your need for expensive insurance plans, overtime, fuel costs, and customer write-offs will decrease.

Improved Efficiency: The amazing communication tools unlocked with this innovative geofence software will allow you to reduce redundant calls to various location offices, and allow you to communicate much easier with mobile workers to check on work status and completion estimates.

Increased Revenue: When work-flow is increased, it opens up time for workers to move on to other jobs, which will inevitably bring in more revenue. With this newfound efficiency, you can add jobs to your daily schedule, allowing you to see a better return on investment (ROI) for your company. When it comes down to it, the formula is simple: less time spent on other jobs due to better communication through the use of GPS-friendly devices, equals more time for new projects and, ultimately, more money in the bank!

Important Features:

When using geofencing software, you will unlock a variety of useful features for your company’s operations:

1. Trigger Set-up: Using the geofence features of the software, administrators can set up triggers that alert them when devices enter or exit the boundaries defined by the admin. When this alert occurs, a text, email, or other virtual notification will be sent out.

2. Increased Audio Communication Quality: With better signals, you will not have to worry about poor signal strength slowing down workflow.

3. Ability to Talk to Multiple Groups at Once: Keep each team aware of project statuses with the software’s highly efficient cross communication features.

4. No Voice Usage Limitation: Your worry about paying premium costs on phone plans will be eliminated allowing you to allocate those funds towards growing other areas of your business.

5. Increased GPS Location and Tracking Capabilities: Gain exact location details for all of your workers and managers, increasing your workflow capabilities and also ensuring the safety of your employees.

6. Intelligent Queuing Web-Based Dispatch: This amazing program feature will improve your company’s accountability and allow you to better coordinate your mobile workers.

7. Time Stamp and Voice Documentation: Allow for easy check-ins and worker responsibility with quality voice documentation and time stamp features built into the DispatchPlus software.

8. Digital, One-Touch Communication: Communicate with all your mobile management groups with one simple touch.

9. Color-Coded Mapping Technology: Easily understand the various problems and status updates facing your mobile units with easy-to-learn color coding provided on your systems.

10. 100% Compliant with USDOT Distracted Driver Regulations: Never worry about breaking the USDOT regulations which keeps your drivers safe while also helping you to save on insurance costs.

11. Google Earth Compatibility: DispatchPlus and other popular geofence softwares incorporate Google Earth, making it simple and intuitive for administrators to set up virtual boundaries within their communication systems.


If you communicate day-to-day with mobile workers, geofence software can easily boost your productivity and ROI significantly. With the ability to communicate with a robust workforce with the push of a button, you will quickly realize the many benefits that correlate with the use of these systems as opposed to other devices on the market.

Geofence technology allows you to immediately and automatically gain proof of job arrival and completion for your mobile worker units. Thanks to this feature, your ability to stay accountable to your workers, and to keep both them and your clients safe, is greatly beneficial to all parties. The reduced overhead price gained from this feature allows you to service more customers per day, adding to your overall ROI and customer satisfaction rates.

Unlock the ability to prioritize at a glance thanks to secure web portals with

easily recognizable subject lines and prioritization features. Additionally, you can send text and voice messages, within the software systems, to ensure communication with mobile worker units and management is direct, fast, and useful.

The increase in your quarter-end bottom line, you will be excited about the many benefits and efficiently boosting options DispatchPlus will provide to your mobile-centric company.