How to Budget Money and Save Time with DispatchPlus

How DispatchPlus Saves you Time and Money (1)What is DispatchPlus?

DispatchPlus is a cloud-based workforce management solution that runs on the only nationwide network dedicated to business. DispatchPlus combines GPS technology with location-compatible, two-way radio devices and includes features that are specifically designed for dispatch-centric operations.

Focused digital radio networks on platforms such as DispatchPlus eliminate the need for expensive licensing and complex infrastructure and offer feature-rich communication services including text messaging and workforce tracking. Cost effectiveness, improved efficiency, and return on investment (ROI) are just 3 examples of how DispatchPlus can save you time and money.

The benefits of using digital two-way radios as a means of on and off-site communication extends beyond the purpose of simply facilitating communication.

1. Cost Effectiveness

The foremost benefit of using a digital two-way radio system is the return on investment that you will experience. Voice-based communications that come at an affordable price are a rare commodity and hold several advantages over alternative devices. First, two-way digital radios have a lower cost of ownership due to a reduced “price per device”. Two-way radios are also superior to cellular phones in that they mitigate the risk to drivers and field workers who need access to communication while on the road. Research by the Department of Transport indicates that MOTOTRBO-enabled two-way networks are far safer for drivers to use, resulting in fewer accidents and errors when compared with the use of cell phones, mitigating unnecessary costs of excessive insurance. The accurate relay and reception of point-to-point communication also ensure that a mobile workforce can optimize the time spent on the road, resulting in lower fuel costs, fewer customer write-offs due to delays or non-delivery of goods and services.

2. Improved Efficiency

A two-way digital radio reduces the number of field calls made into an office seeking clarification. Platforms such as DispatchPlus allow secure text message instructions and voice communication that preclude the need for multiple calls from the field worker. Dispatch operators also use these systems to easily locate and deploy the worker who is closest to the job site. This capability is particularly relevant in the case of service technicians who are tasked with responding to service calls quickly.

Two-way radio also serves as a mechanism of accountability, so that the base station and field technician have confirmation of job completion, improving the company’s responsiveness to customer needs. Instead of complicated conferences calls, a group of field workers are able to communicate at once with the simple press of a button. This is much easier than fumbling around on a device that only allows for several people to communicate by conference call or group text message.

Many companies are reassessing their field communication needs and issues around distractions due to our heavy reliance on SmartPhones. Distracted driving is not only a risk to the safety of your driver and the people surrounding him or her, but can also contribute to a loss in expenses due to possible lawsuits and damage to not only the employee but your company equipment. Costly accidents that happen as a direct result of using a SmartPhone while driving are increasing with the massive popularity of mobile devices.

3. Increased Revenue

As much as the investment in a robust and scalable two-way digital wireless network can mitigate the risk of unnecessary opportunity costs, it can also serve as a vehicle for revenue growth. Workers will be able to complete their allocated jobs in less time, creating more time for them to move on to other projects, and therefore making the company more money.

Increased productivity, better customer engagement and consequently, increased lead generation are all a result of worker productivity. Because jobs will be completed in less time, this will allow for your company to focus on additional projects. The aforementioned increases your company’s chances of new opportunity.


Digital two-way radio networks are no longer a merely desirable product for mobile workforces but are an essential driver of a company’s efficiency and growth. By optimizing costs, increasing customer response, sales leads and mitigating risk, these platforms enable a multi-pronged approach towards safer and more productive field operations.

DispatchPlus is the superior option for many reasons, perhaps the largest being that it ensures the safety and security of your staff. It will not only save you money, but also help your employees to complete their jobs more efficiently, opening up a space in time for the completion of additional projects and therefore, increased revenue for your business.