Document Arrival & Departure Times

The Benefits of Document Arrival & Departure Times

  • Ensure that workers remain on schedule
  • Leverage GPS tracking tools help reduce downtime and optimize resources
  • Increase productivity and reduce downtime by setting time limits on driver stops
  • Review route data to find ways to reduce overtime and improve route efficiency
  • Save time and reduce fuel costs


  • Easy Automation & Reporting

    Logging crucial alerts and complex historical data allows your management team to stay on top of worker operations and efficiency. DispatchPlus is designed to help your workforce perform at peak levels, every single day.

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  • Fast, One-Touch Simplicity

    With DispatchPlus, utmost efficiency is easy to achieve. Creating a productivity powerhouse, our intuitive application allows your team to leave detailed audio messages, stamp time and date information, and tracking GPS locations.

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“We couldn’t depend on the push-to-talk communications from the cellular companies. So when we found out that the founders of Nextel had a two-way radio system, we put it to the test with our drivers. We added the Motorola radios and DispatchPLUS for our roll-off drivers since we communicate most with them throughout the day, and it’s been very helpful to see where they are on their routes, provide them with field updates, and document and manage in real-time any issues like extra trash pile-up. What’s been especially valuable is being able to use the service for management reports that provide a detailed overview of arrival and departure times, which allows us to optimize routes and contributes to increased productivity and revenue.”

-Mike Flood, GM of Flood Brothers Disposal/Recycling Services in Chicago

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