Workforce Tracking

The Benefits of Workforce Tracking

  • Track worker performance by monitoring their daily activities, location/route history and performance
  • Benchmark worker performance and provide the data and management tools to help improve behavior
  • Elimate excess downtime with color-coded maps and GPS location tracking
  • Increase efficiency by alerting management when a job is taking too long
  • Manage time spent traveling and get workers to their destinations as efficiently as possible
  • Increase productivity and set time limits on a driver’s stops. If a limit is exceeded, the supervisor receives an alert


  • Easy Automation & Reporting

    It is imperative to understand how your business operates. DispatchPlus allows your team to send instant alerts and store robust historical data, meaning you can always assess exactly how your workforce is performing.

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  • DispatchPlus for Smartphones

    Communicate from two-way radio to smartphone or smartphone to two-way radio with a versatile application that is compatible with every device.

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Pick-Up Confirmation

Do your trash haulers constantly face the struggle of barriers to their entryway? Now you can instantly send photo documentation of those barriers to dispatch. Our GPS software will confirm your arrival time and proof of attempted pick-up so you can eliminate the need for backtracking.

Child Not At Stop

Do your school bus drivers constantly have to stop their routes to communicate to Dispatch when a child isn’t on the bus? Our GPS tracking will combine instant, one- touch messages from drivers along with their exact GPS location so dispatch can answer parent check-ins instantly.

Delivery On Time

Do you need to notify a customer when a delivery is next on the schedule? Easy. DispatchPlus can Geofence driver routes to send instant notifications when a delivery is a specific time or distance away from its destination.

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