DOT Compliant In-Vehicle Two-Way Radio


In-Vehicle Two-Way Radio

Equip your Mobile Workforce with the Best in Long-Distance Two-Way Radio Communications

XPR 5580The Motorola XPR™ 5580 digital two-way portable radio is the dynamic, in-vehicle solution that mobile industries throughout the nation count on for clearer communication and increased safety and efficiency. Ideal for use in commercial vehicles, the Motorola XPR 5580 offers communication that is federally compliant, helping your business meet today’s strict distracted driver laws.

The Power of Bluetooth-Enabled Long-Distance Two-Way Radios

One-touch capability allows workers to safely communicate in real-time, conveying critical information back to management or others in the field. With digital long-distance two-way radios, mobile workers have access to text and voice messaging, location tracking, and work order ticket management. Bluetooth also allows your mobile workforce to scan bar codes and collect other information seamlessly by connecting with another Bluetooth-enabled device.

Advanced Features to Enhance Productivity

The Motorola XPR™ 5580 portable radio comes with a range of features designed to increase the efficiency of your workers. With the advantage of text-to-speech capability, programmable buttons, and automatic background noise adjustment, your team can eliminate wasted time, helping them to carry out a more productive workday.

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XPR 5580 Product Sheet

XPR 5580 Product Sheet

Additional Motorola XPR 5580 DispatchPlus features include:

Increase worker visibility and performance by establishing virtual fences, which notify dispatch of worker arrival and departure.
GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking
Ensure the safety and efficiency of your workers with the ability to assess, change, and manage routes in real-time.
Form Completion and Signatures
Mobile form completion and signatures
Eliminate time spent on manual entry and deciphering illegible text.
Intelligent Audio
Intelligent Audio
Eliminate miscommunication, even when up against noisy engines or traffic volume, with automatic volume adjustment.

Avoid Roadway Risk & Hefty Fines with Federally Compliant Devices

Without a federally compliant communication system, not only are the lives of your drivers at risk, but your business is vulnerable to both legal and financial consequences. The Motorola XPR 5580 provides a form of communication that meets today’s strict regulations, making them ideal for mobile industries. With one-touch capability, the long-distance two-way radios from DispatchPlus are void of restrictions, allowing your team to stay connected even when on the road.

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