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Flood Brothers Disposal

See what Mike Flood of Flood Brothers Disposal Recycling Services of Chicago had to say about his experience with DispatchPlus!

We added the Motorola radios and DispatchPlus for our roll-off drivers since we communicate most with them throughout the day, and it’s been very helpful to see where they are on their routes, provide them with field updates, and document and manage in real-time any issues like extra trash pile-up. What’s been especially valuable is being able to use the service for management reports that provide a detailed overview of arrival and departure times, which allows us to optimize routes and contributes to increased productivity and revenue,” said Mike. Continue reading

United Rescue

With 150 EMS volunteers – United Rescue chooses DispatchPlus for reliable communication!

The Jersey City emergency medical model is successful because volunteers are more widely dispersed throughout the city compared to ambulances and fire departments at any given time.
The way it works is simple; the Jersey City volunteers, or community based emergency caregivers (CBECs), are integrated into Jersey City’s EMS system through a smartphone app and unique radio channel. When a 9-1-1 call comes in, a dispatcher issues an alert that is sent to all CBECs. The nearest two CBECs are notified that there is an emergency, and they head to the specified location to assess the situation, start triage if necessary, and coordinate with other first responders via radio. This provides a critical head start in an emergency. Continue reading

National Materials

How does Gerry from National Materials in Baltimore use DispatchPlus to communicate efficiently with his drivers about time sensitive concrete?

Ready mix concrete has a limited time span in an unhardened state, so the traveling time from the plant to a customer is critical. “I have to know where my drivers are,” said Gerry Brice, owner of National Materials in Baltimore. “We have 90 minutes’ tops to deliver cement to a customer, or else it gets dumped into a waste pile and we absorb the cost. Reliable communications are essential to our bottom line.” Gerry recently began using the DispatchPlus workforce management solutions combined with MOTOTRBO radios to address a variety of issues. “I no longer have to worry about my drivers using cell phones when they’re behind the wheel. I’m able to connect with them 100% of the time, calls don’t get dropped, and the batteries don’t die. Even better, our delivery time has improved,” he said.