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Philadelphia Business Journal: Former Nextel execs have ‘high expectations’ for new push-to-talk service in Philadelphia

Remember Nextel? The wireless network and its push-to-talk service, popular with business clients who need direct communication with workers, was shut down in 2013 following a 2005 merger with Sprint and subsequent spin-off as Sprint Direct Connect. Things were never the same for William Hartig following the change. Read More

Mobility Techzone: DispatchPLUS: Not Your Grandfather’s Walkie Talkie

Thirty years ago, NEXTEL developed a national “Push-to Talk” mobile network with more than 20 million subscribers, and a subsequent merger with Sprint. Flash forward and pdvWIRELESS, a leader in mobile workforce communications and location-based solutions that increase the productivity of field-based workers and the efficiency of dispatch and call center operations, has developed a Next Gen two-way Motorola radio that is made just for 21st century businesses and it operates on a private wireless network. Read More

ASSIST Newsletter: Six Critical Features Essential in Your Next Communications System

From facilitating daily operations to saving lives, communications systems are as critical to the success of private security operations as is hiring and training good field staff. With recent advances in technology, today’s Push-To-Talk (PTT) two-way radio systems go far beyond summoning team members when they are needed and allowing them to communicate as they carry out their responsibilities. Read More

Urgent Communications: RFP competition should improve chances that FirstNet vision can become a reality for public safety

It may have been the worst-kept secret in the public-safety communications industry, but AT&T last week officially announced that it is leading one of the bidding teams vying for the right to build and maintain FirstNet’s nationwide public-safety broadband network for the next 25 years.

This came as a surprise to no one, as AT&T expressed interest in the FirstNet opportunity even before the request for proposals (RFP) was released in January. But some industry observers had wondered whether AT&T may have had second thoughts about leading a bid team when the carrier giant remained silent as Rivada Mercury and pdvWIRELESS publicly announced their respective bids during the past several weeks. Read More