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Aries Charter

Safety was Anthony of Aries Charter’s number one concern for his drivers – here’s how he used DispatchPlus.

Anthony George, Vice President and General Manager for Aries Charter, shuttles commuters from train stations to large office buildings downtown. He installed tablets in his fleet so dispatchers, drivers and clients could communicate with each other, but soon realized they weren’t the solution. “At the speed at which our business operates, we needed something that would provide instant communication with the touch of a single button, not multiple swipes. Continue reading

Benefits of GPS Tracker Geofencing on the Construction Site

In order to remain competitive and profitable, many construction companies find themselves tackling multiple jobs or working multiple sites at the same time. This requires seamless coordination of mobile fleets between locations as well as the elimination of wasted time and resources. The most successful enterprises use the best and smartest technology, backed by state-of-the-art GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities. Continue reading

DispatchPlus for Seamless Security Guard Management

An exemplary security guard management system is pivotal to the success and continuation of any security firm. For a business rooted in a foundation of protection—of assigned locations and the resources and assets within them—operations must be highly coordinated, comprehensive, and reliable. DispatchPlus by pdvWireless integrates state-of-the-art GPS technology with user-friendly and intuitive MOTORTRBO two-way radios and smart phones, providing all the essentials for your security enterprise. Continue reading