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Port Covington Project


Connecting Port Covington Workers with Long-Range Radio Communication

Vast in scope and at the core of Baltimore’s renewal efforts, Port Covington is destined to be one of the most transformational urban redevelopment projects of the century. Leave your company’s signature high-quality work on the city’s most visionary revitalization project by equipping your team with the push-to-talk advantage.

With the DispatchPlus’ long range communication, your entire workforce will be able to interact seamlessly and complete jobs flawlessly. Amplify the proficiency and expertise of your workforce and management team by empowering them with leading construction two-way radios and Smartphones integrated with the benefits of our push-to-talk application.

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This marketing map is representative of the expected coverage we plan to provide at market launch. For actual market coverage see your authorized DispatchPlus dealer.

Coverage maps are only predicted coverage based upon mathematical models. See your DispatchPlus dealer for actual coverage. Because of the nature of radio transmissions and strength of equipment, signal will vary based on your location.

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The Faster, Smarter, and More Reliable Way to Communicate

Brought to you by the founders of the Nextel wireless phone service, DispatchPlus provides the construction-grade two-way radio communication system that facilitates instantaneous communication and real-time updates.

Superior communication to boost productivity:
Clear digital audio, with Intelligent Audio technology, monitors background noise and adjusts the speaker volume. Employees hear better and speak more clearly, wherever they work.
Improve workflow efficiency with automatic location, date and time stamping.
Workers can communicate with voice, text, and photo documentation, even if a dispatcher is busy or not available.
Long-range two-way radios with integrated Bluetooth technology enables communications across Port Covington’s 15 million square feet.
Geofencing allows a busy management team to stay on top of worker productivity by showing worker activity within designated zones.
Mobile forms eliminate wasted time from entering data manually or trying to encrypt illegible handwriting, and increase accountability.
Meet compliance and safety standards effortlessly:
Our federally compliant push-to-talk two-way radios ensure your CMV drivers are always within FMSCA regulations.
Push-to-talk radios meet the federal guidelines to prevent distracted driving ensuring your drivers are always compliant with FMCSA regulations.
Unique “man down” technology alerts dispatch when a radio is out of play.
GPS tracking lets you know where your workers are and where they’ve been and allows you to easily reach them if any safety concerns arise.

Long-Range Two-Way Radios for 21st Century Construction Workers

Choose from a range of rugged and reliable Motorola radios, such as the portable Motorola XPR™ 7580, which boasts one-touch push-to-talk operation, voice documentation, and GPS and Geofence tools. The versatile Motorola XPR™5580 in-vehicle radio comes with all the enhanced features and integrated Bluetooth that equip your workers with efficient communication like never before. Meanwhile, your management and executive teams can implement DispatchPlus onto their Smartphone, seamlessly connecting your entire workforce.

Discover how DispatchPlus push-to-talk two-way radios, combined with the superior functionality of our revolutionary workforce management app, can empower your team. Contact us today to learn more.

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