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LaGuardia Project


Experience the Efficiency of Business 2 Way Radios for LaGuardia’s Rebuild

LaGuardia Gateway PartnersJune 14, 2016 marked a fresh start for New York City’s LaGuardia Airport. Construction is soon to begin on the first phase of this major redevelopment project, which, in the words of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, will create a new “front door to New York City.”

Central Terminal B is the first terminal to be totally revitalized, under the guardianship of LaGuardia Gateway Partners (LGP). Plans are also in place to renew Terminals C and D, to update the supporting infrastructure, and for ongoing maintenance.

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This marketing map is representative of the expected coverage we plan to provide at market launch. For actual market coverage see your authorized DispatchPlus dealer.

Coverage maps are only predicted coverage based upon mathematical models. See your DispatchPlus dealer for actual coverage. Because of the nature of radio transmissions and strength of equipment, signal will vary based on your location.

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Be a Part of One of the Largest Urban Revitalization Projects

This new project is known as one of the biggest private-public partnerships in the country and is set to total $8 billion by the time it is completed. The challenges are notable for the businesses that will work on this massive and highly-complex project. So too are the rewards for being a part of one of the most historic urban redevelopment projects of the century!

With the innovative communications system created by DispatchPlus, your team can perform at optimal efficiency, while promoting both productivity and safety. Whether utilizing one of our strategically-designed construction two-way radios or a Smartphone, our revolutionary push-to-talk application will help keep your entire team connected with the added benefit of smart features.

Operating on the only wireless network dedicated solely to commercial use and offering the advantages of push-to-talk 2 way radio communication, your workers will be equipped with the clear, fast, and reliable communications system they need in order to excel at the job.

DispatchPlus products

Stay Ahead with a Smart Workforce Tracking Application

With pdvWireless, keeping track of workforce productivity is as easy as the touch of a button. Stay one step ahead of potential issues, even among a diverse, dynamic team of contractors and developers, as well as construction and maintenance workers.

Integrated onto two-way radios or Smartphones, our advanced push-to-talk app includes:

  • GPS tracking to easily manage worker activity in real-time
  • Geofences to help busy dispatch personnel assess all activity at a glance
  • Mobile form and signature features to streamline information sharing
  • A secure, web-based command center
  • Voice, photo, and video documentation
Two-Way Radios* DispatchPlus for Smartphone*
Push-to-Talk Radio (PPT) Yes Yes
Group Call Yes Yes
Private Call Yes Yes
Private Call with MOTOTRBO radio Yes Yes
Unlimited PTT airtime Yes TBD**
One-touch Status Updates Yes Yes
Automatic Location Reporting (GPS) Yes Yes
Geofence Yes Yes
Text Messaging Yes Yes
Voice Documentation with location / date / time stamp Yes Yes
All activity can be viewed on DispatchPlus console Yes Yes
Intrinsically safe device option Yes No
Includes MOTOTRBO radio usage Yes No
Supervisor Map No Yes
Photo Documentation with location / date / time stamp No Yes
Works on any cellular network N/A Yes***

*When radios are included in your plan purchase

**Dependent on cellular rate plan

***Cellular network must support smartphones

2 Way Radio Communication Designed for Enhanced Business Productivity

DispatchPlus’ digital two-way radios are embedded with Bluetooth data for instant, clear communication between personnel. With intelligent features like programmable buttons, Intelligent Audio, and TDMA digital technology, your workforce will have the best communication tools for better productivity. There’s no need to worry about compliance issues, either. Each portable two-way Motorola radio meets all FMSCA compliance standards.

Empower your workforce with the nation’s proven two-way communications system for the construction industry. Discover how you can equip your team with the best in two-way radio communication by contacting us.

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