pdvWireless and the Evolution of Nextel Push-to-Talk

pdvWireless is dedicated to providing reliable solutions to the communication, security, safety, and management issues in your industry. At pdvWireless, we know push-to-talk communications inside and out. That’s why we provide the most reliable two-way radio products and services.

Since its inception in 2004, pdvWireless has focused on innovation. However, pdvWireless is run by a team of executives who began their foray into digital wireless networks and push-to-talk communications long before the company existed. Having helped found and develop Nextel Communications, our executive team has a rich history in the world of innovative communications technology.

Brian McAuley

Brian McAuley

Co-founder and long-time CEO of Nextel, Brian McAuley, founded NeoWorld Communications before moving to pdvWireless.

Morgan O'Brian

Morgan O’Brien

Morgan O’Brien, Vice Chairman, co-founded and served as chairman of Nextel before helping to create the first all-digital nationwide wireless network.

John Pescatore

John Pescatore

President and CEO of pdvWireless, John Pescatore, came from the Nextel family, where he served as a senior executive under several different titles.

Becoming Leading Two-Way Radio Dealers through DispatchPlus

Once moving to pdvWireless, the executive team from Nextel continued developing wireless communications technologies like photo documentation, GPS-based location, and geofencing features. Today, these features are integrated into the DispatchPlus solutions of pdvWireless, creating what is a leading workforce management and communications solution.

Dispatch-centered businesses have a unique need for push-to-talk communications devices and services that are safe, reliable, and federally compliant. The updated technology of DispatchPlus fits into today’s digital world, meeting the needs of your 21st century business!

The team at pvdWireless is committed to providing modern communications technologies that fit the needs of the critical infrastructure industry. For a demonstration or to find the right pricing plan and products for you, contact us today!

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