android_heldInnovation has been a common theme throughout the history of pdvWireless.  The company launched its first commercial wireless solution in 2004, with an application that gave construction workers a huge efficiency boost by allowing them to use their push-to-talk mobile phones to send recorded messages to the office.

The company is led by senior management who has a proven track record of developing enterprise solutions over wireless networks, including the development and launch of push-to-talk networks and applications; the executive team founded and helped to develop two highly successful mobile communications companies including Nextel Communications. pdvWIRELESS’ Chairman, Brian McAuley, was co-founder and long-time Chief Executive Officer of Nextel. Mr. McAuley also founded NeoWorld Communications and served as its President and CEO until he sold the company in 2003 and then joined pdvWIRELESS. Vice Chairman, Morgan O’Brien, along with Mr. McAuley, was co-founder and chairman of Nextel, and spearheaded the creation of the first all-digital nationwide wireless network and brought push-to-talk (PTT) communication to the mass business and consumer market. John Pescatore, pdvWIRELESS’ President and Chief Executive Officer held several senior executive positions at Nextel, including corporate Vice President of Operations and President of the New York region.

After developing a successful suite of mobile workforce management applications that include photo documentation, GPS-based location and dynamically created geofence features, additional opportunities for innovation surfaced for the company. Dispatch-centric businesses have been lacking a true push-to-talk communication technology since 2013. This presented significant challenges to businesses across many verticals, as they had to scramble to find alternatives to fill their respective needs. pdvWIRELESS is dedicated to solving the challenges at hand by building the only national wireless network that exclusively serves the enterprise world. DispatchPlus by pdvWIRELESS represents the future of push-to-talk communication, as it utilizes digital two-way radio technology that is integrated with proprietary cloud-based mobile workforce management solutions.

Leading up to the network build out, pdvWIRELESS accomplished several corporate milestones, including raising more than $218 million in equity funding, the acquisition of Sprint Corporation’s nationwide 900 MHz spectrum licenses, and the filing of a petition with the FCC requesting the realignment of the 900 MHz band to create spectrum capable of serving broadband needs. On February 3, 2015, pdvWIRELESS’ (Pacific DataVision) common stock began trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol “PDVW.”

This is all made possible due to the visionary leadership and ingenuity of the team. pdvWIRELESS is committed to revolutionizing the methods of communication for mobile workers to increase productivity and profitability across their respective organizations.