Efficient Communication at a Low Cost with Long Distance Two-Way Radios

When it comes to the safety and efficiency of your workforce, dependable communication is vital. However, reliable communication shouldn't cost a fortune. DispatchPlus, by pdvWIRELESS, is the leader of long range radio communications, offering optimal coverage and versatile two-way radios that won't break your budget.

A Modern Take on Nextel

With two-way communication products and plans, developed by the founders of Nextel push-to-talk, our two-way and long range radio communication is a more effective and efficient use of your business' resources. Our reliable two-way radio dealer communication plans and devices are available at affordable prices and our coverage networks are designed to meet your needs.


View our in-vehicle and portable radio solutions to find the communication solutions best for your industry.

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View our cost-efficient pricing plans and learn how you can experience unlimited Talk, Text, and Track services.

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See how we're becoming the only national wireless, two-way radio network exclusively for dispatch industries.

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Industries that are benefiting from DispatchPlus
Transportation / Distribution
Waste Management
Field Services
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